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Raped And Dead By A Ten Year Old’s Lie, What Did This Man Do?

An innocent man was allegedly raped and beaten to death by a ten-year-old’s parents because she lied that he abused him.

The Truck Driver

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The Russian truck driver Dmitry Chikvarkin has been falsely accused of touching a ten-year-old and her friend  “below the waist” when he was dropping them off to a carer.

This particular 10-year-old went to her parents Valeria Dunaeva, 25, and Sergey Chabin, 33 and told them that she had been improperly touched by Dmitry Chikvarkin.

And they gathered three more people with them and used a metal pipe to hit him on the head and smashed his skull resulting in death.

The horrible thing is they also used a metal pipe to rape him. The caretaker was also attacked when she tried to support her friend Dmitry.

Dmitry was alive when they left him with a body full of wounds but later sadly died.

He was also a dad of six years old, and he was just trying to help those children by giving them a ride. His friends claimed that he would never harm a child.

The Charge Taken

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When the police investigated the children, they said they told the accusation as a joke.

Therefore the parents were arrested with another accomplice while the other two are in the run.

It is highly that the men will get life imprisonment while the woman gets 20 years.


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