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0g, so, xoa, p, ve1, gv, nep, 73y, r, i, nh, 8h, Rajasthan Royals: Rahul Tewatia Hit 5 Sixes Consecutively Within A Over - The Tech Education
Rahul Tewatia
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Rajasthan Royals: Rahul Tewatia Hit 5 Sixes Consecutively Within A Over

Recently Rahul Tewatia performed well with five consecutive sixes within an over. However, this match was an excellent start for Rahul to showcase his skills.

Here’s How Rahul Tewatia Scored Five Sixes And Led His Team To Victory

Rahul said on an interview that he knew he could achieve that, instead of getting scared in the innings. He hit five incredible sixes at the end of the 18th over with his teammate Sheldon Cottrell. They both turned the match upside down when there were only 51 runs left to score within three overs.

Rahul scored 53 with 31 balls, and his total number of sixes was 7. However, he struggled a little to connect with the pace in the beginning after getting pushed by the order. The consecutive sixes created a feeling of feeling among teammates. And opposition team as well.

Rajasthan Royals’ Jofra Archer and Tom Curran, had a partnership of 17. They both led Rajasthan Royals to victory crossed the target of 224.

Tewatia said on an interview that dugout knew that he is capable of hitting the ball at a long distance. He then said that he had to believe in himself. Rahul said all of this after winning with four wickets.

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Why Was Rahul Struggling At The Beginning Of The Deliveries?

He also said that it was difficult for him to catch up with spinner’s pace. Therefore he took advantage of the other bowlers and hit five sixes within an over.

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During the match, Rahul was struggling to face with the deliveries, and it was pressurizing Sanju Samson. In the beginning, he was escorted with Steve Smith just as same as Robin Uthappa.

Rahul said that the first 20 balls were rigid for him to adapt. But later as he began to hit sixes, he felt that he is better now.

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