Racial Assault: Navaeh, 11 Years Old Girl Took A Blow In Her Face, The Boy Is In House Arrest Now
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Racial Assault: Navaeh, 11 Years Old Girl Took A Blow In Her Face, The Boy Is In House Arrest Now

A 12 years old boy hit an 11-year-old black girl named Navaeh Thomas with a pipe. She got heavily injured and the boy is in house arrest. She is currently in hospital and recovering. The report says that it was a racial attack by the boy.

 Assault Investigation of Navaeh

This incident is currently in the investigation. Meanwhile, the District attorney ‘Steve Howe’ said that his office colleague and members are trying to find the root cause of this incident. The main question is, why the boy used racial abusive words in the first place. He hit the girl with a pipe on her face.

The Girl’s name is Nevaeh Thomas and she is only 11 years old. She is hospitalized and currently recovering from her trauma. After the attack, when the 12 years old boy named Shawnee hit her with a metal pipe, she was hospitalized. This happened last Friday and the incident took place on a play date.

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Navaeh’s Mother Statement

Navaeh’s mother reported that when her daughter was in a play date, she heard that the boy is racially slurring. In return to this, her daughter said ” My Black Is Beautiful”. As a result, the boy hit her with a pipe on her face.

The family attorney ‘laRonna Lassiter- Saunders said in her interview that the time has come to change yourself. She then goes by saying that t, The 12 years old boy is been charged for aggravated battery and currently held on house arrest.

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District Attorney Statement On Navaeh’s Case

Steve said they will improve and correct the boy’s behavior. The district’s attorney cannot reveal the details about the boy’s behavior but he said it has become very common for the children to use racial slurring.

Attorney LaRonna Lassiter demanded fair and equal judgments on this case. Lassiter said the boy hit her with a metal wipe after using the Racial Slurs and there’s nothing to discuss the intention of the boy. She then goes by mentioning America in general that the people have talked enough and now its time for them to react.


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