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PS5 Promotional Emails May Point Towards Another Showcase

PlayStation has now started sending out promotional emails for the PS5, indicating that we may get another showcase event soon. This comes after they released their first ad spot which highlighted some of the new DualSense controller’s features and the console’s 3D audio capabilities.

Users Report Receiving Promotional Emails For The PS5

Reddit user u/yxung1 shared images of an email that they received on the r/PS5 subreddit. The email itself isn’t particularly noteworthy. It highlights the same features that the ad spot does. However, it is yet another sign that Sony is stepping up their marketing for the PS5.

This by itself isn’t a surprise, but it has been a while since we last heard from them. They revealed numerous PS5 games, as well as the console’s design, back in June. However, we still don’t have a couple of key bits of information. Specifically, PlayStation hasn’t revealed any details regarding the PS5’s release date or its price.

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PS5 Is Still Coming Out This Year

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s SVP and Head Of Global Marketing Eric Lempel recently reaffirmed that the PS5 is still coming this year. PlayStation’s website also still mentions that the console is coming in late 2020. They still have a few months to work with, but their window for announcing its pricing and release date is only getting shorter.

Microsoft, for its part, has already confirmed that the Xbox Series X is coming in November. So, PlayStation might want to start talking about specifics when it comes to the PS5 as well. We’ve heard rumours that they may have something to announce in August, too.

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PlayStation 5
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Rumours Suggested We’d Get A PS5 Event This Month

The most credible source for this rumour is Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki. He reported earlier in August that Sony had another PS5 announcement tentatively scheduled for this month. We only have a little over a week left in the month at this point.

So, if Sony was planing such an event, one would assume that we’d hear about it pretty soon. Maybe they’ve changed their plans and we won’t hear anything about the PS5 this month after all. In that case, I find it hard to imagine that Sony stays quiet for all of September as well. Let’s hope we get some new information sooner rather than later.

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