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PS5 Marketing Head Talks About Launching The Console During A Pandemic

Eric Lempel SVP and head of global marketing at Sony recently spoke about the challenges of launching the PS5 during a pandemic. In an interview with, he mentioned a number of factors that have changed about how they show off the capabilities of their next-gen console.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Marketing Head Talks About Promoting The PS5 During A Pandemic

He specifically spoke about the fact that they can’t have in-person demos right now. “If the world was in a normal place, we would be out there with demo stations at different events,” he said. He said that they’d have loved to have presented an opportunity for consumers to try out the DualSense controller themselves.

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First PS5 Ad Spot Focuses On DualSense, 3D Audio

Now, however, they have to stick to ad spots and other such material to convey such new features. He then goes on to talk about the new ad spot they’ve released for the PS5. “This spot in particular, we focused on three distinct areas: the haptic feedback, the adaptive dynamic triggers, and 3D audio. And we wanted to show what it would be like to be in the middle of all that,” Lempel said.

The way this ad spot came together is quite fascinating. An actor filmed her role in her own home. Then the director, the marketing team, and various visual effects artists all worked remotely to put it all together. Lempel also briefly talked about the lineup of the games that the PS5 has ahead of it.

Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 Box Art
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PS5 Marketing Head Is Excited About The Launch Lineup

“The content that will be in the launch window and beyond is incredibly exciting. I would say that this is the best line-up that we’ve ever seen in the history of PlayStation,” he said. He mentions that isn’t just first-party titles, like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, from their Worldwide Studios group. He’s also fairly excited about what third-party publishers have cooking in their own studios.

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Lempel also hinted at upcoming games that they haven’t even announced yet. As someone who has been playing primarily on the PS4, I’m looking forward to what the PS5 brings to the table. Hopefully, it’s as mind-blowing as Sony wants us to think it is.

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