'Program Integrity' Is An Orwellian Attack On Social Security Beneficiaries Updated News

‘Program Integrity’ Is An Orwellian Attack On Social Security Beneficiaries Updated News

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“Program integrity” is the kind of industrial title that sounds great. Who wouldn’t need to manage Social Security with probity? But sadly, in the Alice-in-Wonderland universe of Washington-speak, the slogan doesn’t determine what you imagine.

Administering Social Security with probity seems like assuring that the correct payments continue to the best people in the right amounts. You would assume it indicates that the Social Security Administration (SSA) supports working families to take the advantages they have gained. Alternatively, it means the reverse.

“Program integrity” is the insider key for storing money. How is money collected? By running after people who have done nothing illegal. By running after people with critical injuries who must regularly show that they are incapable of helping themselves.

By running after people whose advantages SSA claims were improperly paid out, usually because of mistakes caused by SSA itself.

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The victims may be the displaced. They may not speak English. They may have mental difficulties. They rarely have trained agents to assist them through the highly stressful, complex, and time-consuming method of disputing the government.

Think of being a senior who has no other revenue than your monthly bonus of $794. You live frugally, also making your prescriptions in half because you can’t manage them.

You watch all the complex rules involving singing SSA that your kid has gone back to town and is purchasing you markets once a week. Months pass by.

Then, outside of the blue, SSA informs you that using those groceries should have decreased your SSI profit, so you must return that payment in the next 30 days!

Neither is this state-run hounding restricted to those with low income and limited knowledge. My colleague’s mom got Social Security advantages as a divorced wife. When she remarried, she moved to the SSA office with her new hubby. She said the rights representative recently remarried and requested a new Social Security paper in her new, wedded name.

One day, out of the melancholy, she uncovered her mail and got a report from SSA declaring that she owed the government $55,000, which she was told to repay quickly.

Her son, a Social Security specialist, spent six months speaking to SSA to discuss the issue. Notwithstanding her son’s expertise, attention, and expertise to help her, the stress resulted in a short hospital stay and contributed to a sharp and continuing decline in her health.

SSA must return the mailing of profits and bonuses reports to all operators aged 25 or older, as the government explicitly and needs. It will assist ensure efficiency by enabling workers to understand what profits are related to SSA and fix any mistakes immediately.

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