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0cz, ql, 6mu, co, 7, 0, lt, Prince Harry's Royal Affiliations Are In Danger!!But Why?? Here Are The Exclusive Details - The Tech Education
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Prince Harry’s Royal Affiliations Are In Danger!!But Why?? Here Are The Exclusive Details

The US elections have been the most-awaited and, for the past few weeks, have become the most controversial event of the year. The election’s festival falling in the starting November this year has a great meaning this time.
The entry of Britain’s royal family into the US elections has made it more interesting.

Source: Google

Recently, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were seen in a video asking the voters of America to vote. The royal couple’s any message related to the elections anywhere is a direct violation of the protocol. However, the couple has already stepped down of their royal duties earlier this year.

The couple also hinted at urging the voters to vote for Joe Biden by asking them to reject hate. But, the royal family in Britain is feeling somewhat troubled due to this statement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Source: Google

The royal family has tried every possible way to distance itself from the statement made by the royal couple. However, now sources are claiming that Prince Harry is going to be in trouble because of his statement.
The royal couple’s act is surely felt like a violation of “Megxit deal”. And therefore, the couple is most likely to have the repercussions.

The most important and dearest positions that Prince Harry holds are among the Royal marines and military appointments. And these positions are now in danger for him.

The royal family and the administration is feeling it as an embarrassment to the Queen if Donald Trump is re-elected. It is because of the royal couple’s alleged endorsement for the opposition’s candidate Joe Biden.

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