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Club. But Why? Here Are The Exclusive Details... - The Tech Education
Celebrity Hollywood

Prince Harry Joined A New Club- A Helicopter Club. But Why? Here Are The Exclusive Details…

The royal family of Britain has always been the top trending family in the world. They have always been the trend-setters in the whole world. Every member of the royal family is an eye-catcher to the media and gossips.

Recently, Prince Harry has made it to the headlines. Reports are suggesting that Prince Harry has joined a Helicopter club. He went for this exciting club in California only to make his family feel the trips of a chopper with pilot Harry.

Source: Google

He especially wants to fly the helicopter for his gorgeous wife Meghan Markle and son Archie. Prince Harry is already an Apache Helicopter Commander. He acquired the post when he went to serve in the Regiment Army Air Corps.

However, he worked in the military only for a brief period of less than a year. As Harry is a licenced pilot, so some reports are suggesting that Prince Harry has joined the club in order to let licence live. One of the close aids of Prince suggested that he is doing the same just to fly his family off to trips.

Source: Google

He even went on to praise Harry for his hard work in achieving the licence for flying a chopper. Adding further, Prince Harry doesn’t own a helicopter. Still, it is firmly believed that anyone out there would easily offer him for a helicopter if he wants to fly it off.

Prince Harry in 2013 stepped out of the military services for the charity works. However, The Royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down of royal duties in March this year.

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