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President Trump And Democratic Nominee Biden Has Locked In The Voters For Their Presidential Choice

The presidential campaign has now taken their leads in the middle of pace news. The news reports the developments threatening to upend the competition. However, during the interview, the reality came true. The report says that voters from different countries are not able to support their presidential choices.

Why The Voters Are Confused Between The Presidential Candidates

Meanwhile, the voters cannot vote for either Biden or Trump. The voters have recently said they are unsure of their choices and could not able to make a decision.

The news reporters are generally covering the headlines like – coronavirus pandemic, Trump statement ‘Deadly Threat, joblessness, economic downfall, and only one candidate can take all these issues in their hands.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Source: Business Insider

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Donald Trump And Joe Biden Initiatives Towards The Pandemic

The president is handling the coronavirus situation and has become the central factor during the campaign. Democrats do agree with this decision and they also showed some initiative towards this problem. The statistics show that almost more than 190,000 people have died during this coronavirus pandemic.

The Polls Count In the Country

The nationals polls of the US show that Biden is leading over Trump. But the final result will come from the electoral map. This helped Trump to win the election in the year of 2016. The frequent unrest and the Black lives Matter protests are causing a little difficult for the presidential candidate to run their Campaigns throughout the states.

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The chances are quite less for Biden for the presidency but also the voters are looking to get rid of Donald Trump. Both parties are giving tough competition to each other.

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