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Portland Shoot-Out: Mayor Ted And Trump Blamed Each Other For The Cause

The president tweeted about how the mayor Ted Wheeler conducted a conference after the shooting of Right-wing supporters. On Sunday, Trump and Tedd had an argumentive conversation however they ended up blaming each other.

Donald Trump said the mayor that he is a fool and A complete democrat. He then goes by blaming Tedd for the violence that took place in the city. After listening to all of this, the mayor couldn’t hold back himself, and instead, he shouted back at the president saying he should be the first one to take action.

All these arguments were shown through TV cameras.

Wheeler Replied To Trump

The Mayor replied to trump in aggression by saying that “Trump is Classic ” and asked him how can he think to comment like that. Tedd then goes by saying, if he is watching this and how could this be helpful in any way. He said that this is an aggressive Behavior from the president and not a collaborative discussion.

Tedd then said that they should be working as a team and both are equally accountable for what has happened. He said, “Donald Trump is supposed to be doing his job and I can do mine”. Wheeler said, That they should be working together to move this country forward.

Ted Discusses About The Beginning Of Shoot-out

The news conference covered almost 24 hours of shooting in portland. The shoot-out took place when there was a caravan of 600 vehicles fully loaded with trump supporters. The report says that they drove inside the territory of Portland and unluckily encountered the counterprotesters.

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The Fight almost went for about 15 minutes and when the supporters left the city, the right-wing group patriot was found dead. The report said that his name was Aron Jay Daniell who was shot during the scene.

Trump tweeted the victim’s name “jay” and said ‘rest in peace’. The shoot-out in portland was not clearly explained during the conference. This thing became the flashpoint of the news with respect to the national black lives matter protests.

Patriot Prayer

The patriot prayers and its supporters were frequently visiting the city portland to set a rally for President Trump. Portland was filled with many protests for a few months now which began for Floyd’s death.

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A Message From Ted To People

Ted Wheeler said to every people in the country that, if they are outside the city and still watching and reading something related to Portland Shooting- then they are false news because they themselves haven’t got any proof. He then goes by saying that they are still assembling the facts which they have already gathered.

Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf started blaming local officials for stepping inside to protect their communities. Wolf has clearly mentioned that the federal government was already prepared to send them inside portland and to rescue the people.

Ted and Lovell said they didn’t plan to request National Guards. The city is currently looking for assistance from the local sheriff’s department and the Oregon State Police to help in this case.

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