Portland : Both Victim And Suspect Had Guns,
Source : ctvnews.ca

Portland : Both Victim And Suspect Had Guns, Document Says Itself

In Portland, Oregon last weekend the victim and the suspect had the handguns when their arguing started as per the Court documents in public on Friday.

The documents said that victim Aaron ‘ Jay ‘ Danielson, a supporter of a right-wing group called Patriot Prayer. which frequently a challenge to a fight.

Authorities stated that the believed in Antifa supporters Michael Forest Reinoehl who drove the pickup trucks for President through downtown Portland. Some of the Trump supporters fired paintball pellets at the counter-demonstrators.

Portland : Both Victim And Suspect Had Guns,
Source : ctvnews.ca

The Story

Authorities say Reinoehl is armed with a semi-automatic handgun.

Reinhold is leaving she says him in an open fire from a car and officer returned fire that.

It was not clear that after firing where did Reinoehl leaves and hideout. On that day elapsed in shooting since portland. FBI and federal agents and the US marshal service, a senior Justice Department in Washington said.

Marshal Service Statement there in which they said: “we tried to arrest him peacefully and calmly”.

But people say they were around 40 to 50 rounds of the shots as the per the Tamaco. The newspaper reported.

Reinoehl’s sister, who kindly pleased her name not be used reason is of the coercion. She and her family have been receiving, said in an interview with The Associated Press on Friday.

Sister said her brother’s son and daughter “needed to allowed to grieve on what happened.

My heart breaks for those children but hopefully, they can put their lives back together and sort through this and process the trauma that no one that young should ever have to deal with,” the sister addressed.

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