Pokémon Unite: Tencent Announces New Team Battle Game Coming To Switch, Mobile

Tencent has officially unveiled Pokémon Unite, a MOBA-style battle game that they’re putting out on mobile, as well as the Nintendo Switch. This is likely the result of the partnership that they announced with The Pokémon Company around a year ago.

Call Of Duty Mobile Developers Making Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite comes to us from Tencent’s TiMi Studios specifically. These are the same folks who made Call Of Duty Mobile in collaboration with Activision. The studio also released a statement on its Twitter page, expressing their excitement about the game.

“Pokémon Unite offers a new twist on team battles, with a focus on the inherent fun of playing with Pokémon, offering battling, capturing and training Pokémon to evolve,” it reads.

“Pokémon is cherished by players of all ages around the world. We have been hard at work to allow for an entirely new way to experience Pokémon that is fun for players of different backgrounds to play over and over again,” it added further.


The Pokémon Company Had Been Teasing Pokémon Unite’s Announcement Since Last Week

We’d heard that we were going to get a big Pokémon announcement from last week’s Pokémon Presents stream. It would seem that Pokémon Unite is what they were teasing. This game comes in addition to a number of smaller spin-off titles that they’ve announced recently, such as New Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Café Mix, and Pokémon Smile.


Fans Are Disappointed With Pokémon Unite Announcement

Fans don’t seem to have taken kindly to this announcement, though. Currently, the Pokémon Presents stream where they announced this game has a 169k dislikes, with just 76k likes. While Pokémon Unite seems like a fun game on its own, for it to be the major announcement that they were teasing is a bit disappointing.

Many fans are drawing comparisons between this announcement and Blizzard’s announcement of Diablo Immortal. In both cases, the developers teased a huge reveal, but it ended up being a mobile spin-off. I can understand the fans’ frustration, too.

The Pokémon series is capable of games that are far more ambitious. Pokémon Unite seems like too low of a bar for a major reveal.

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