Pokémon GO: Multiple iPhone Users Getting Incorrect Cheating Warnings

Pokémon GO players on iOS might be experiencing some frustrating problems due to a glitch in the game’s cheat detection system. Multiple users seem to have written into Eurogamer, informing them that they’re getting incorrect cheating warnings.

Players Reporting False Cheating Warnings On Their Pokémon GO Accounts

“Hi, I’m hoping you can help me with a false seven day ban my son (age 7) received from Pokémon GO. We are not a spoofer, have no third party apps. I don’t even understand how to do that, and certainly neither does my son,” said one user in an email to Eurogamer.

Usually, when we get some Pokémon GO news, it is about something mundane. Either it’s about a Pokémon GO update or about an upcoming Pokémon GO community day event. This one’s a little more serious, though.


Niantic Working On Fixing Pokémon GO Cheat Detection Issue

Many users are also reporting similar issues on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit. “Got my first ever strike 1 warning for no reason. No other software (unless Poke Genie is not allowed), no accessories, just legit game play since day 1. Niantic support does not directly answers why I got this. What can I do now?,” wrote one user.

Niantic Labs, for their part, have acknowledged this issue. “We’re investigating reports that some players are being incorrectly flagged by our systems and receiving punishments on their accounts. We will share an update as soon as we are able,” they wrote on Twitter.

Pokémon GO Cheating Warnings Eventually Result In Ban

The Pokémon GO accounts that are getting this warning will get a seven-day soft-ban initially. This only reduces the rarity of the Pokémon they can come across. However, if they continue to cheat, their Pokémon GO accounts will get blocked eventually.

If the Pokémon GO cheat detection is malfunctioning, that’s a real possibility. Niantic needs to get ahead of this and fix it as soon as possible.

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