PlayStation 5: Bluepoint Games May Be Working On Jak And Daxter, Blood Omen Remakes For PS5

We know precious little about the PlayStation 5 so far. Mark Cerny did give us a detailed analysis of the console’s specs on paper. However, that wasn’t something players themselves could latch onto. We have some information about certain games, such as Godfall and Scarlet Nexus, but not much other than that.

Bluepoint May Be Working On Jak And Daxter Trilogy Remake For PlayStation 5

That may change once we get to the Summer Game Fest, though. Recent leaks have suggested that Bluepoint Games may be working on a couple of titles that will be part of the PlayStation 5 lineup in its first year.

The first leak is about a remake of the Jak And Daxter trilogy. According to this leak, Bluepoint’s vision for these three games is far more ambitious than what they originally were. Apparently, they’re hoping to combine the story of all three games into a single, cohesive narrative. They may also add a number of plot elements to flesh out the story.

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Bluepoint has worked on Naughty Dog’s games in the past. Their execution of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is quite spectacular. So, Naughty Dog being up for another collaboration makes sense. This leak also suggests that this remake of the Jak And Daxter games is going to be a launch title for the PlayStation 5.

Bluepoint’s Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain Remake May Also Come To PlayStation 5

Bluepoint is also apparently working on a remake for Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain. This game from Tomb Raider developers Crystal Dynamics originally came out for the PlayStation back in 1996. They’re working with Square Enix on this one, and they want to give the game some Dark Souls flavour when it comes to the PlayStation 5.

Square Enix must be riding high off the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake, so this wouldn’t be a huge surprise. It’s also not shocking in the slightest that Bluepoint Games may have these projects in the works.

Bluepoint May Announce Them At Summer Game Fest 2020

They’ve done a phenomenal job taking older titles and updating them for the latest consoles. Their remake of Shadow Of The Colossus, in particular, is absolutely stunning. Bluepoint may announce something during the Summer Game Fest, a digital event which kicked off on May 20, 2020.

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This event is going to run all the way into August, so there’s a huge window of opportunity for this to come true. If it does end up being true, the PlayStation 5 may get a couple of great games to add to its library.

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