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OnePlus TV Remote Design Is Inspired By OnePlus 3 Says CEO Pete Laue

In only a week from now, OnePlus will soon be creating its gala entry into the smart television segment with all the OnePlus TV.

In a post on OnePlus Forums, Pete revealed the remote “is inspired by the design of our OnePlus 3 series”.

OnePlus 3 featured an anodized aluminum chassis with rounded edges to give the phone a comfortable feel.  Together with, the CEO also shared with a side-by-side image of this OnePlus 3 and TV remote.

The remote of OnePlus TV features a directional pad and contains five more buttons as inputs.┬áThere’s a dedicated button for Google Assistant back, house and what seems like a menu button. In one of the pictures shared on the discussion, the remote has a blank button.

But it sounds Netflix isn’t receiving any love from OnePlus as there isn’t a dedicated button for that yet.

Additionally, Pete has just shared a video on Twitter which also demonstrates the capacity of OnePlus TV to allows users to switch between apps on the television right in the app on their OnePlus tablets.

OnePlus has also said that it is going to keep developing the Tv qualities to include AR and VR adventures as well. This could signify support for interactive content to the OnePlus TV.

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