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One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date Countdown, Time, Spoilers, and When Is It Coming Out?

One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date

From users and One Piece fans, we’re here with some of the most annoying questions they’ve ever asked us about the show. You must be wondering why the fans are so angry, so you’re on the right track. This anime’s 1014th chapter hasn’t been released yet, and that’s why the person who is upset is so angry. Several problems are being caused by the release date of this chapter because fans are having to wait a long time before they can get their hands on it, Many anime are out there, but “One piece Chapter 1014” is the one that fans are most excited about.

This week, One Piece Episode 1014 New Release Date:

We all want to know if they can watch Episode 1014 of One Piece So the New Release Date of episode 1014 is 3 April 2022. I don’t know when anime will be back, so One Piece is taking a break this week as well.

During the break, Toei Animation has been running the best episodes from Wano Arc on its TV show. There was an episode of the show called “Kaido’s Trump Card Flying Six Breaths Appearance” that aired on March 27, 2018. Things won’t be different this week. “Thundering Bagua! Kaido’s Son” will air on April 3, 2022, instead of Episode 1014. So, you’ll have to wait a little longer to see new episodes of one of the most popular anime shows.

Why Was The Release Date Of One Piece Episode 1014 Pushed Back?

There was a delay in the Japanese broadcast of the next chronological episode (number 1014) of the One Piece anime adaptation, which was originally slated for Sunday, March 13th. Toei Animation’s internal networks were breached by a third party in early March, resulting in damaged files and a slew of cancelled shows, including the highly anticipated One Piece.

“The impact on TV animation works [was] due to system failure caused by unauthorised access to our network,” explained Toei Animation in a press release following the breach. It finished with an apology to fans from Toei, who also noted that they were still looking into the specifics of how their property had been illegally entered.

One Piece anime episode 1014 Spoiler:

As a result, we are able to provide a concise response to this often asked topic about the On Piece. The Japanese broadcast has been postponed till Sunday, March 13 because the premiere date has been set for that day. And Toei Animation is to blame for this. Third-party hackers have breached this internal network, causing files to be deleted and disrupting the entire broadcast schedule.

“Toei Animation has declared that its internal network has been illegally accessed by third parties, corrupting files and impacting the scheduling and broadcast of many of their TV Anime programmes, including ONE PIECE,” reads a statement from the Shonen Jump Unofficial.

What is the other title affected by Hacking?

Here is the list below of the titles that were affected by hacking:-

One Piece Anime Episode 1014 Recap: What happened in the Previous Episode?

The show’s plot follows the antics of Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy whose body gained rubber-like characteristics after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit. In order to become the next King of the Pirates, Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, sail the Grand Line in search of the legendary “One Piece,” the world’s greatest treasure.

As Sanji attempted to run, members of Tobi Roppo chased him. Yamato and Momonosuke later on in the scenario were chatting about the past. Luffy’s older brother Ace D. Portgas was like a pirate who changed Yamato’s outlook on life, she said.

Before Ace’s arrival, Kaido had already been searching for him on the island. It wasn’t until he came upon his daughter that Ace and his colleagues were attacked by her. Ace chose to talk to her after trading a few blows because he wanted to know what she really desired.

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