A Discovery Of Witches
A Discovery Of Witches

Official Release Date For A Discovery Of Witches Season 2 Not Yet Announced

Discovery of the Witches is about a historian, Diana Bishop who is desperately trying to forget her past life as a witch. She then goes on to find a manuscript in the Oxford Library that forces her to return to her old ways. The show delighted fans all around the world and will now be back for a second season.

Release date of Discovery Of Witches Season 2

The show will be back with its second season in 2020. The date was announced back in 2018 when the first show was aired. Fans and critics loved the show and we’re thrilled to know it would be coming back, even though they would have to wait for a while.

The original release date is set for this year but we might have to wait till the end of the year. The production was wrapped up early in 2020. The pandemic has slowed things down for the editing department and it might take a while to bring it all together. Although we won’t have to worry about it being delayed further because the fans were promised that they would be able to view it this year.

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The plot of Discovery Of Witches

The show is based on the trilogy written by Deborah Harkness called ‘All Souls’. The production team promised to stick to the story of the second book, Book of Life, for the second season. The first season was based on the first book of the trilogy. The fans were assured that the next season will also be based on the third installment of the book.

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The last season ended with Diana and Matthew ending up in England in the 1500s. The witch they were looking for ended up being from the very era. Although one thing is sure, the search for the Book of Life is still ongoing. The book has the power to destroy the witch. This season might focus more on the protagonist exploring England in the Elizabethan era. We might get more of an insight into Diana’s past life.

The cast of the show

The original cast of the show will be returning. Teresa Palmer playing through protagonist Diana Bishop and Matthew Goode will be returning as Matthew Clairmont. Alex Kingston will reprise her role as Sarah Bishop, while Valerie Pettiford will return as Emily Matthews.

Edward Blumel will return as Marcus Whitmore. Aiysha Hart and Louise Brealey will be returning as Miriam Shepherd and Gillian Chamberlain respectively. There is a new cast member for season 2. Micheal Jibsom has joined the cast as Emperor Rudolf II.

As for the official date of release of the show, we will just have to wait.

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