Nvidia Teases Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077-Themed GPU


Cyberpunk 2077 is arguably the most most-anticipated sport of 2020, particularly on PC, where players will probably have the ability to pump up the graphic settings and get much better performance or graphics. T

In a short (and definitely staged) Twitter market Now, That happened, the accounts for Cyberpunk and Nvidia 2077 teased a fresh Cyberpunk GPU. The tease came in the shape of a mysterious message stating”Stay tuned…” along with a fuzzy image of a vertical video card.

The GPU Seems to have two lovers, and its design is quite Comparable to what you would see out of a GeForce RTX reference card that is 20-series. It has the exact same fan placement, and also the exact same angular look on the sides (albeit with yellow trim). Regrettably, any details are impossible to differentiate from this picture.

Based on if this card receives an official show, it might be among the entries in the forthcoming Ampere GPU line-up of Nvidia, or only a RTX card. As both look probable, we would not feel comfortable betting on either alternative. We hope it is the former, therefore more players have an excuse to update (Ampere will bring a big performance leap ), but we will have to wait and watch for certain.


If you are keen to Receive your hands It may be best to temper your expectations . Unknown specifications the limited edition card is sure to be expensive — maybe more so than the GPUs.

We’ll make certain to update you if Nvidia or the people over at CD Projekt Red show details.

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