Novak Djokovic Out From The US Open Competition? After Accidentally Hitting The Judge With A Ball, Will He Be Disqualified?
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Novak Djokovic Out From The US Open Competition? After Accidentally Hitting The Judge With A Ball, Will He Be Disqualified?

Novak Djokovic lost the match against Pablo Carreno Busta because of an accident. However, the judges kicked him out from his match and declared Busta as the winner.

Novak lost the match against Busta with a score of 6-5 during the first set. The judges have decided to kick him out from the US Open tournament because Novak accidentally hit the judge with a ball. Novak hit the ball with his racket and it accidentally hit the judge’s throat. This was Novak’s fourth-round match which happened on Sunday.

This match ended Novak’s 29th winning streak but it also took away the 18th Grand Slam title.

What happened during the match?

Novak took his time to changeover in the Arthur Ashe Stadium. He was ahead in the score with 6-5 against Pablo Carreno Busta. Novak is considered as the rank 1 player and also one of the favorite players in the championship.

He lost one point during the match and in anger, he hit the ball behind the tennis court. He didn’t see that a judge was standing a little far away from him, and the ball just flew and hit right into the judge’s throat. It was reported that the judge was finding it difficult to breathe.

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The Decision About Novak Djokovic Hitting Accident

Several Authorities came over and the discussion went for over 10 minutes. The referee Soeren Friemel, supervisor Andreas Egli and chair Umpire Aurelie Tourte had a conversation about the situation. Novak was trying his best to get back to the game and he also tried to plead in front of the judges.

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Novak admitted that he was angry and also accepted that he hit the ball. But he also said that he didn’t do it with any intention. It was clear that the judge was hurt when the ball hit her in her throat. Novak also said that he didn’t do it on purpose. The decision of ending the match was not right.


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