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l, 7o, 1c, 2q, yb, 14, u, qk, dm, Nothing Sticks to Donald Trump! 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Nothing Sticks to Donald Trump! But This Is Only One Side Of Story!!The Other Side Is……

What Does Trump Think?

Well, let me tell you that the reverence for the military is a cultural norm in the US. But the recent report makes the current Donald Trump firestorm around veterans unusual.

Source: google

Want to know why? Here is all that you need to know. So according to a report in the Atlantic, the president allegedly made private remarks. Moreover, in those remarks, he referred to dead American soldiers as “losers”, and “suckers,”. This was while expressing bafflement as to why anyone would join the military.

The Denial!

Like any other political leader would have done. Trump openly denies this news. This is as similar as he has denied most of the terrible things attributed to him over the years. Furthermore, this is not the first time he has insulted the military.

In 2016, while still running for president, he attacked Khizr Khan, the father of a US army captain killed in Iraq. This was after he appeared at the Democratic National Convention. Moreover, a year earlier, he said of John McCain, “he’s a war hero because he was captured.

Additionally, let us tell you that A large part of Trump’s popularity lies in his shamelessness. Moreover, in his willingness to lie, flagrantly and repeatedly, and to disregard the most basic political and social norms.

Donald Trump
Source: TheGrio

Prior to this, he had already burnt several liberal values. He is the master of his deeds.

It might be nothing; it might be something. However, there would be a certain poetic justice to it if, after allegations of rape, there was flagrant racism. Also, of a body-count (thus far) of 191,000 Americans from Covid-19 did nothing to undermine Trump.

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Just, it was the country’s devotion to the military – that fundamentally conservative American reflex – that finally brought him down.


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