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5h7, tt, yqv, Not Just The audience,But Dhoni's Wife Too strives To Get A Glimpse Of Him! 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Not Just The audience,But Dhoni’s Wife Too strives To Get A Glimpse Of Him! Know Why She Said, “I Want To See Mahi”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, recently announced retirement from international cricket. Dhoni, lovingly addressed, “Mahi” is tough to get hold off. Seems like, not just the media, but his friends and family too face this situation!

Just A Glimpse Is to Quench The Thirst

Mahi is known for his calm and composed behaviour. He is not too active on social media either. Hence, every fan of his prays to get a glimpse of him. Moreover, the longingness has further increased during the lockdown phase. However, we did not know; even his family had to work to get hold of him!

Dhoni’s announcement from international cricket came like a shock and end to an era.  However, with IPL hitting the grounds, the excitement has reached its peak. The players are in Dubai and are full swing preparations for the forthcoming matches.

CSK’s manager, Russell Radhakrishnan, went live during the practice session of CSK. However, the captain himself wasn’t visible during the live session. Sakshi, MS dhoni’s better half commented and requested Russell to show a glimpse of MSD. She wrote;

“Russell I wanna See mahi!”

The comment was followed by three emojis of a monkey covering their eyes. How adorable!

Russell then shifted the camera towards him. Sakshi, who was waiting to see the love of her life, immediately commented “spotted him” and “thank you.” She also wished best wishes to all the players by commenting during the live session.

Dhoni’s Comeback

Catch the opening match of IPL 2020; Mumbai Indians vs CSK

Dhoni will be returning to the field after a gap of 14 months. There is tremendous pressure on his team in this IPL, as Suresh Raina and Harbajan Singh pulled out of IPL 2020 due to personal reasons. The two are experienced players, and their contribution towards the team will be missed. However, all eyes are now on the opening match on 19th September 2020 in Abu Dabi. Mumbai Indians and CSK will hit the grounds against each other.

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