Nokia To Help CSPs Deliver 5G and IoT Services by Launching eSIM and iSIM Platform

Nokia To Help CSPs Deliver 5G and IoT Services by Launching eSIM and iSIM Platform

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This week, Nokia launched iSIM Secure Connect to support CSPs and businesses to produce new 5G mobile and IoT co-operations and more practically and safely handle machine-to-machine (M2M). Customer device recommendations for eSIM iSIM approved devices.

Embedded SIM (eSIM) and integrated SIM (iSIM) are technologies employed for verifying users and devices on mobile systems. As exposed to real SIM cards, eSIM and iSIM can save and maintain various approval forms remotely. 

iSIM Secure Connect, mainly prepared this region, makes on that technology by flexibly controlling device recommendations connected to advanced digital ID for federal and exceptional e-services.

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 Moreover, with computerized control of the eSIM and iSIM lifecycle, iSIM allows CSPs and businesses to originate innovative services more immediately, increase client comfort, and boost operational facilities. 

ISIM Secure Connect supports current and prospective IoT market and operating standards, use problems, and monetization policies by continuing merchant agnostic and running in a different network and cloud conditions. 

The demand for eSIM and iSIM proficient device loads involving mobile phones, smartwatches, and cellular IoT tools, is supposed to exceed EUR 6 billion by 20251, fired by the rising need for IoT assistance and the availability and price discounts iSIM technology leads to CSPs, businesses, and end-users. 

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