Nintendo: Do Not Break Your Console! North American Repair Stores Being Closed Down

Nintendo Consoles
Nintendo Consoles Going Ancient

If you happen to be a hardcore Nintendo player,

This article is not the one you should skip at all.

In case you have been living under the rock,

and were not thunderstruck until you saw the title of this article.

Then, my friend, I’ve got bad news for you.

News terrible enough to bring you down to your knees

and pray to the Nintendo gods.



Nintendo: The Plague of Abomination


2020 will be remembered as the year of dissonance,

if we get to see 2021.

From world war threat to bat virus,

things have never escalated this way since ages, where humanity is in danger.

And amid this precipice if you think you can at least

spend time with your Nintendo in the peace of your quarantine.

You’re wrong!

Just try enough to break your console once,

your possible best last minutes of life will wash way like,

tears of the saints.


And you will also be stripped off the honour of every gamer

to die with his console by his side.

Everything unnecessary for survival is dead for now,

screw your repair stores!

You must be out of your mind if you were giving it a chance of existence.


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I don’t know what to say to you. I don’t.

You had one thing that could have made it slightly better in this bleak condition

and you lost that too.

In case you were never suicidal,

it’s pretty much right where you start considering that option.

Trust me; it’s too much to take.

If you’re somehow finding enough strength to live through this pain,

which I have no idea how.

You better be prepared to bury your Nintendo for at least 180 straight days, no cap.

North America was supposedly the last candle left which just burnt out

and with it goes your last resort of repairing your console.



Existing order


Drop that smile dawg!

She is not coming back,

and if she is, she is coming back dead just like you sent her.Nintendo video game consoles - Wikipedia

Repair stores are done and out, man.

Even if you had managed to get her to the repair facility and were literally

one step away from reviving her.

It’s not going to do you any good.

She will stay there until the sun rises for the human race again

and if it doesn’t,

all you are now left with is her memories to cherish your last days with.


Be smart! Play safe! And give yourself a chance to enjoy your quarantine in the best possible way.




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