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New Zealand Set To Bring New Law For Firearms

New Zealand had promised new tranche of law for firearms after it experienced mass shootings last year. Hence, the parliament passed new legislation recently, that toughens control and embed responsibility.

Mass Shootings

The Arms Act 1883, which controls gun laws in New Zealand, has seen regular amendment. The country seems to learn from mass shootings since 1990 to bring effective gun control. In the most tragic peacetime shooting, a supremacist killed 51 Muslim worshippers and injured 49 praying in two mosques in Christchurch. This changed how the government saw gun control and licensing in the country.

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The Arms Legislation Bill underwent its third reading recently, with a majority. The first change made in this law banned military-style automatic firearms and assault rifles. Although taken in haste, the decision set a foundation for other changes. The second trance, however, had the parliament split in ideology. However, the Police Stuart Nash managed to take the lawmakers in favour. The fate of the law seems good, but the parliament wishes to reopen the debates after elections.

Moved by the New Zealand Police Association, the bill contains some laws were due for over 30 years but would have a greater effect.

Licensing And Control

There is no accurate record of forearms in Aotearoa. This creates a loophole in the process of licensing and establishing control. The new legislation requires every firearm holder to update as they acquire new firearms. A firearm registry will be maintained, to hold people accountable in case of irresponsible use. This, according to the lawmakers, introduce behavioural changes when they know their details are being documented. Accordingly, the register will ensure if the owner is a fit and proper person.

The changes include allowing farms to use firearms to pest control. This particle change is criticised in the parliament. The Bill is yet to gain the Royal Assent. Through this legislation, the government is trying to establish that owning firearms is a privilege.

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