New Body To Enter The Space Industry Of India

While addressing a conference, ISRO Chief K Sivan announced the news about the formation of IN-SPACe.  This body will regulate and allow the entry of private players in the space industry.

The Decision

India’s space sector has decided to open for private players with IN-SPACe. This is an attempt to encourage greater private players to participate in the space industry. The Modi government has decided to form an autonomous body Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe). This body will work under the Ministry of Atomic Energy and Space.

The Center decided to bring reforms to increase the achievements of ISRO through opening up the space sector for the private industry, ISRO Chief said. ISRO believes that private players should play a more significant role than just supplying the parts and components. India is among the few countries which have advanced Space technology. Also, this can play a significant role in boosting the industrial base of the country.


The Importance

The activities which will be allowed by the private players include building up rockets and satellites. Also, it includes providing launching services, own satellites, among others. Besides, they will also undertake research activities and work with ISRO. All this shall consist of various science and interplanetary missions, he added.

What Tasks Will The New Body Undertake?

The reform takes importance as it will allow private players to launch and control the broadcast satellites and provide end to end space commercial services. Earlier, ISRO. the only body in the entire country that handled the space research, missions, launching and management of the satellites. The formal decision to form IN-SPACe was taken by the Modi cabinet yesterday.

The government previously had policies for over a decade to allow private companies to build satellites and use remote sensing applications. These, however, did not include policies for rockets as it was complying with the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). Although India was not a signatory, and could not allow rockets with more capabilities.

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