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Netflix Top 10: Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Debuts at No. 1 with 196 Million Hours Viewed

Netflix Top 10_ Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Debuts at No. 1 with 196 Million Hours Viewed

Netflix Top 10_ Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Debuts at No. 1 with 196 Million Hours Viewed

This week, Ryan Murphy’s Jeffrey Dahmer series “Monster” dominated the Netflix top 10 rankings, taking the top spot with 196.2 million hours viewed since its Sept. 21 premiere. The 10-episode limited series knocked “Cobra Kai” Season 5 off its pedestal and down to third place during the September 19-September 25 viewing window.

“Fate: The Winx Saga” Season 2 remained at No. 2 for the second week. The second installment of the fantasy series, which debuted on the streaming service on September 16, received nearly 61 million hours of viewing in its first full week. The first season of the show debuted at No. 5 more than a year later, in January 2021. During the measurement period, it received 20.3 million hours of viewing.

During its second full week on Netflix, the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” saw a drop in viewership. The show received 38.1 million hours of viewing time, a significant decrease from the previous week’s 95.6 million hours.

Meanwhile, “The Crown” maintains its position in the Top 10 following Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Season 1 with Claire Foy is in fourth place with 25.7 million hours viewed, while Season 2 is in seventh place with 17.5 million hours viewed.

In its first full week of availability, the new series “Heartbreak High” ranked sixth. The teen drama received 18.3 million hours of viewing time. Limited series “Dynasty” Season 5 (12.8 million), “The Imperfects” Season 1 (12.76 million), and limited series “Sins of Our Mother” (12.8 million) were also on the list (24.4 million).

In the Non-English category, Season 1 of “El Rey, Vicente Fernández” ranked first with 33.3 million hours viewed, effectively pushing Season 1 of “Narco-Saints” to second place. The thriller/drama received 27.4 million hours of viewing after receiving over 62 million the previous week.

Season 1 of “Diary of a Gigolo” dropped to No. 3 with 18 million hours watched, while “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” remained at No. 4. In its 12th week on Netflix’s Top 10, the show received 16.89 million hours of viewing.

“Little Women” Season 1 (15 million), “Young Lady and Gentleman” (14.7 million), “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” Season 1 (13.8), limited series “Thai Cave Rescue” (13.4), “Santo” Season 1 (10.7), and “High Heat” Season 1 (10.7) rounded out the top five (10.5 million).


Is Dahmer still alive?

Death date: November 28, 1994

What is Netflix Dahmer based on?

The 10-episode limited series follows several film efforts to tell Dahmer’s story, from 2002’s “Dahmer,” starring Jeremy Renner, to 2017’s “My Friend Dahmer,” starring Ross Lynch.

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