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Cuties Is A Powerful Story Says Netflix, Against All The Backlash It Got

Netflix released its answer for the backlash they received for the movie “Cuties” saying that it is a powerful movie rather than a child sexualized one.

The movie, when released instantly got backlash over so many platforms including Twitter with the hashtag #CancelNetflix trending.

Everybody was raging over how it portrayed children in a heavily sexualized way, and Netflix didn’t give any answers for it till now.

Netflix’s Statement

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On Thursday, Netflix released a statement:

“Cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children, It’s an award-winning film, and a powerful story about the pressure young girls face on social media and from society.”

Netflix urged its viewers to give it another chance as it can leave a huge positive impact if seen from a different perspective.

Intense Backlash

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Although Cuties received many hates, it also has its fair share of supporters. When someone asked why Cuties has not been cancelled yet, a fan replied:

“because the message is the opposite of what people are outraged by and the marketing has worked. They just got free publicity and awareness for a film that scrutinizes the exposure of extreme internet pornography and extreme religious ideals to kids. the point has been missed.”

But most of them call it as the sexualization of young children and the movie got enough elements to make one think like that.


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