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NEOs That Past Recently Were Closer Than The Moon

More NEOs allegedly expected to be observed soon this year. The last two asteroids, reportedly, shot past the Earth way too close. The NEOs were closer to the surface of the Earth than the Moon.

The first asteroid, namely the 2020 RD4, measured between 3 to 7 metres wide. The distance between the Moon and the Earth is 384,000 km. It passed almost 94,000 km away on 14 September. This distance is approximately one third, the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

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The second asteroid, 2020 RF3, passed only a few hours later. The NEOs was about 11 metres wide. It shot right beside the Earth surface at a distance of 106,000km away.

The space junk, recorded by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, tracks and predicts asteroids (NEOs). None of the two bodies came near the record for the closest asteroid to pass by the Earth, which was broken in August by asteroid 2020 QG, which came just 1,830 miles over the southern Indian Ocean but is indicative of how many objects come by the planet safely every day.

What if an asteroid hit the Earth?   

Many more of the dust from space highly expected to come under the observable sight. Between now and the end of the year only one – asteroid RZ6 – will get closer to the Earth than our Moon.

However, this RZ6 is smaller in size. The object is a staggering 27 metre wide between most distant points. An asteroid called MP7 will shoot around the month-end whose measurement is likely to be around 200 metres wide.

Another celestial object awaited to pass by the Earth the day before the US presidential election in November. Nasa says the asteroid only has a 0.41 per cent chance of hitting the Earth.

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