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Who Is NCT WayV? Meet The Group Members Of The Band!


Western artists were once the driving force in pop culture, and people are fond of their music and style. In our article, today we will talk about one such popular Chinese Korean boy band. NCT WayV is actually a sub-unit of the larger K-pop supergroup called NCT Neo Culture Technology. Since the band NCT has 23 members, they are divided into smaller sub-units so that each member can showcase their individual talents in plenty. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of seven members to meet from the new NCT s WayV.

NCT WayV is a Chinese-based sub-unit of NCT. They are managed entirely by SM Entertainment s Label V and have released one full-length studio album and three EPs so far. As a Korean group, the members of NCT WayV typically cite K-pop artists like Michael Jackson and Rihanna as well as Western stars such as Justin Bieber and Travis Scott. Learn more about them below!

1. Hendery

Hendery, or Won Kunhang, is the central visual in WayV. He was born in Macau, China and before becoming an idol he studied acting. Hendery is distinctly influenced by Justin Bieber’s music. NCT Wayv is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Korean.

2. Kun

Kun’s full name is Qian Kun. He was born in Fujian, China and he joined the group WayV as its leader and main vocalist on January 1, 1996.
Kun originally joined S.M. On December 31st of 2018, he became a member of NCT. In 1991, Entertainment auditioned for his debut in 2015.

3. Lucas

Lucas Wong Yuk Hei is a member of NCT U and SuperM who was born in Hong Kong. His area of specialization is rap, he comes of Chinese and Thai descent and has appeared numerous times on the popular Chinese variety show Keep Running. Lucas debuted with both NCT and WayV in the past year. He is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean.

4. Ten

Ten was born in Bangkok and is a Thai rapper. He also has what some will consider a lesser-known talent as an actor, debuting in the television drama “Heartstrings”. He is NCT’s WayV, and has two solo singles. They are Dream in a Dream and New Heroes. He also appears in Exo 90:2014, Hit The Stage, Elementary School Teacher, and Food Truck Battle.

5. Winwin

NCT’s WayV features Winwin. He was born in Wenzhou, China on October 28th. His role is the lead rapper and read dancer for the group. Winwin is a member of NCT U, and NCT 127. He found being in the music industry inspiring after listening to EXO’s song Growl.

6. Xiaojun

Xiaojun was born as Xiao Dejun in Gongguan, China. He was born on the 8th of August, 1999. Xiaojun is the sub rapper for WayV and the main vocalist. Before joining S.M. Entertainment, Xiaojun participated in a Chinese survival show called X-Fire.

7. Yangyang

 Yangyang was heavily influenced by MAYDAY’s music. Yangyang started training for his debut with SM Entertainment in 2016.

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