NBA Draft 2020: Which Players Are Most Likely To Be Superstars

The NBA draft process is always a tricky process. Teams mostly get one or two chances to select young players. For teams that have been struggling, this is their best chance to become a good team. Thus, the draft process takes on a very important role. Excellent drafting can give teams many titles. Poor choices in the draft, however, can doom a team to continued failure. Due to this, NBA teams spend a lot of money scouting young players to make informed decisions.

NBA Draft 2020 Class

The last two years, the draft classes have had two clear superstars in Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson. The 2020 Draft Class does not have any such players. There are definitely players that have potential, and some others who will be good rotation players in the league. But there is no Lebron James or Luka Doncic in this draft. The best players in the class are Lamelo Ball, Obi Toppin, Anthony Edwards, and James Wiseman. But all of them have glaring weaknesses which may be difficult to overcome in the NBA.

Which Players Are Going To Be Solid Rotation Players?


There are some players who are never going to be superstars but can craft long careers as bench players. Aaron Nesmith and Saddiq Bey jump out as solid rotational pieces. Nesmith is an excellent 3-pt shooter, knocking down 52.3% of his treys at Vanderbilt. He also has decent defensive potential to be a good 3-and-D wing in the league.

Bey is Villanova’s best player, and Villanova is making a habit out of producing NBA-ready players. He is a do-everything forward, who can hold his own on defence. He can also knock down 3s. Bey has the highest floor in the draft and will be a great complementary piece for playoff teams in the future.

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Who Are The Potential Superstars?

The two players most likely to be superstars are Anthony Edwards and Lamelo Ball. Edwards is 6’5 SG who has an NBA-ready body and will not have problems scoring in the league. The questions arise due to his efficiency and defence. Edwards put up points in college but was unable to do so efficiently, shooting only 29.4% from three. He has the body to be a lockdown defender, but his focus is questionable. If Edwards develops right, he could be Harden-lite player, which is more than good for most teams.


LaMelo Ball is a different type of prospect entirely. While Edwards stands out for his scoring, Ball is an elite prospect due to his court vision. Moreover, he has great size for a PG at 6’6, and his potential is scary. Ball’s vision is already elite, and he will be a great facilitator in the league for years. But he is not focussed on defence enough, and his shooting is just funky enough to worry scouts. LaMelo will take a few years to reach his potential, and that all depends on him being drafted by the right team.

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