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Naya Rivera’s Ex Husband- Ryan Dorsey Seen Comforting The Four Year Old Son Josey

The famous Glee Star Naya Rivera was reported missing when she went to the California lake, in Piru. Also, Both the mother and the child rented the pontoon boat, at California lake in Piru. The child was found sleeping on the boat, while the mother wasn’t present there. The other boaters when noticed this rang the alarm.

The helicopters and the cops tried their level best to find out about this missing actress. But, every effort went in vain.

There is yet no information about this actress. The cops interviewed the four-year-old. There is no evidence of her coming back. The child told the cops that the mother never climbed up that boat again. This is indeed heartbreaking to hear this unfortunate news.

The famous actress and her husband, Ryan Dorsey were separated in June 2018. The latest news that has come up is that Father Dorsey came to comfort his son as he came to know about her missing ex-wife.

Moreover, The roommate of Dorsey in Los Angeles has reported that as soon as he came to know about her son found alone in the boat. All the fans are in an utter state of shock when they found the news of this eminent personality missing.

Dorsey was upset when he came to know what happened. He has joint custody of his son. This 36-year-old actor is going through a hard time believing that his ex is missing. Furthermore, He just denied to answer any question and told the cops that he just wants to comfort his son.

Ryan also tells that he was unaware that his ex has taken their son to California Lake, near Santa Clarita.

Whatever is it that happened to the actress this news has left all dumbstruck.


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