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Navy SEAL Claimed Himself As Victim As He Is Facing Court Martial? A Sexual Assault ?Get To Know About The Misconduct By Navy SEAL Explained By Soldier!

4th of July Barbecue

The United States Navy SEAL, who was accused of rape and sexual misconduct, now claims that he is a victim. The incident happened last year on the 4th of July Barbecue in Iraq.
Source: Dailymail
That party was violating all the rules. The rules ban military troops to consume alcohol.  Even though the face of a woman who reported the Navy SEAL of sexual assault was bruised.

Colleen Grace, the Ultimate Witness

Reportedly, the prime witness of this incident is the United States Navy Intelligence Specialist Colleen Grace. According to Colleen Grace, she was posted in a remote airbase in Iraq.
Furthermore, On the night of the barbecue, she was sleeping in her room. At midnight, she just woke up due to knocking at the next room’s door.
Source: Dailymail
She immediately recognized the voice of the man. He was a corpsman in the Navy itself. So he was talking loud as hell to the Navy colonel living in the room. Colleen Grace heard all their conversation.
They were talking about a sailor who was present in the barbecue. The Navy SEAL platoon raped her ( the sailor ).  All of them were scared of the fact that they all can be charged if the victim reports this to the authority.

The Truth

After that, Colleen Grace went over her friend’s room to feel safe. But what she saw there was devastating. Colleen Grace found her friend’s face was bruised brutally.
Also, She was lying injured in the bed. Colleen Grace took no time to realize the fact that, her friend was the woman, the sailor was talking about.
Source: dailymail
But now, when the platoon is facing a court-martial, he is claiming that she only assaulted him. It was consensual and not rape.
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