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Who is Nate Wyatt Dating & What Went Wrong With Aidette Cancino?

Nate Wyatt Dating

What’s a TikTok heartthrob? We are talking about Nate Wyatt, who is widely-known for his amazing content on the short video app. Nate Wyatt is a famous name on Vine, having over 100K followers on that network.

Nate Wyatt is a 24-year-old music aspirant who has been hotly discussed in the media. Much speculation surrounds him, but he remains largely private about his personal life. He was raised by a single mom and grandmother in Kentucky. Not only did Nate Wyatt score a second season on MTV, he was very popular with the girls in his childhood too. And of course, his singing talent captured people’s hearts all over the world: YouTube has videos where he sings out loud.

Nate Wyatt – Who is he dating? In this article, we will be looking into the love interests of this popular musician.

Who is Nate Wyatt dating?

Nate Wyatt has attracted so much attention with his looks since he was an adolescent, but there’s not much known about who he is dating.

Nate Wyatt is not interested in romantic encounters, but there has been one girl in particular that he seems to be really fond of. However, no information has been released about their dating status in 2021.

Nate Wyatt was in a relationship with Aidette Cancino. They met each other in 2018, and after four months of dating, they got married and had kids together.
In 2019, their marriage ended. AidetteLovesBeautyXo is an American YouTube star who posts beauty and lifestyle videos. She joined YouTube on November 26, 2011 and has over 43 million views and 566K subscribers.

After posting a video about her break-up to commemorate the struggles of relationships, she released “PSA – My Break Up” in response to trolling According to rumors, the two broke up after a heated battle about the frequency of their social media posts.

More about Nate Wyatt

Nate was born in March, 1997. He hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and pursued his career as a musician in Los Angeles. Nate appeared on ABC’s TV show “Boy Band” which brought him confidence. Nate Wyatt is a 19-year old model. He was featured in the first episode of America’s Next Top Model and made it to number 30 on the show before getting cut during elimination.

Nate Wyatt has his own YouTube channel and in 2017 he released a song called “Marathon.” Internet sensation and aspiring singer Nate Wyatt joined YouTube in December 2014. The vlogger has 104 posts which consist of music videos and his vlogs as well.

Nate Wyatt is a Black, White and Native American who has the opportunity of playing football at the University of Cincinnati. Apart from his three grandparents, Nate has two more family members in the U.S.
He first met his maternal uncle at the age of 3 when he went to Atlanta for a trip with his grandmother and grandfathers including Gladys Dumns of Chicago and Demetrio Romero. And after that he was frequently joined by his other uncle, As of this writing, his videos on YouTube have 254.8 million likes.

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