NASA Said The Asteroid Is Equal To Twice The Size Of The Pyramid, Soon It Will Pass Over The Earth
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NASA Said The Asteroid Is Equal To Twice The Size Of The Pyramid, Soon It Will Pass Over The Earth

Nasa on a recent interview said that the Asteroid is almost twice the size of the pyramid. However, they also said the Asteroid would pass the Earth’s orbit on Sunday. The report said that the diameter of the asteroid is 270 m and 120 m.

As per the NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies have clearly mentioned that the asteroid will not hit the Earth’s surface. Considering its size it won’t harm much to earth if it came to Earth.

The NASA Asteroid Watch Post On Twitter

On Twitter, The NASA’s asteroid watchers mentioned that the Astroid 2010 FR will not hit the earth, also it has zero chances to come near the Earth.

The NASA Asteroid watch said on the twitter that their Planetary Defence experts have advised the people not to worry. They also said on the Twitter that the 2010 FR has zero chance of hitting the earth. Therefore they said that there is nothing to be worried about.

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The NASA watch said the 2010 FR will pass by the Earth on September 6. The distance between the 2010 FR and the Earth is almost 4.6 miles away, which is in far more away than moon by 19 times.

The Apollo Asteroid

The NASA has termed this falling stone as Apollo 2010 FR because this is special and would cross the Earth’s orbit. This 2010 FR will pass with the speed of 31,400 mph by the Earth.

The Apollo Foundation

The Apollo 2010 FR was first noticed on 18 March 2010. The founder was NASA’s CNEOS  and Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) who always tried to track the 2010 FR’s celestial body surveyed since then.

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Sometimes small asteroids and its fragments which is known as Meteoroids hits Earth’s surface. This Happens generally in the earth and because of this, it causes Bright Meteor in the whole sky. The small meteoroids flash when it hits the surface of the earth.

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