Tom Holland In A Relationship With Nadia Parkes

Is Nadia Parkes And Tom Holland Dating Each Other?


Nadia Parkes is a British actress and rising star in the film industry. However, she became well-known following the Instagram official of her relationship with Tom Holland. Yes, they have been dating for over a year now. Tom Holland is in a relationship with the actress, but there is little information about her. She was born in 1997 and only began her acting career recently. Despite that, the actor did a good job of keeping his girlfriend under wraps for a long.

Tom Holland’s girlfriend, Nadia Parkes, is currently making headlines everywhere because there are hardly any details about them. They have not shared yet who they are with or the timeline of how they met either. But, we do know that they have been quarantining together since last year. Well, it seems he is serious about how long they are spending together this time around as compared to last year. The actor even took to Instagram to share the same Nadia Parkes, Tom Holland’s girlfriend is also of the same age and profession which makes them a perfect match. Now, let’s know more about her in this article.

Who is Nadia Parkes?

Her full name is Nadia Sofia Parkes. The actress was born on December, 31 of 1995 in the United Kingdom. Currently, she is twenty-five years old and just graduated from an acting program at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Nadia Parkes is an Australian actress. She began her career with a minor role in the Starz-produced miniseries The Spanish Princess, playing Rosa, Queen Catherine’s (Jenna Coleman) loyal servant, and lady-in-waiting.
She got her first role in television in a miniseries of Starz. Thus, Nadia Parkes began her career in the BBC sci-fi show, Doctor Who. This year she landed a role on the Sky Atlantic mini-series, Dominia.Nadia Parkes

Is Tom Holland’s girlfriend, Nadia Parkes?

Nadia Parkes has been Tom Holland’s girlfriend for a couple of years now. The British actress from the What They Don’t Tell You About podcast during an interview in 2019 mentioned being always very hard not to take rejection personally.

She also imagined that the casting director filled at times with amazing actors is in a candy store, which made it easier for her to accept rejections. Thus, one is active in the room and can be called to quorum once invited.

Nadia Parkes’s Relationship With Tom Holland

Nadia Parkes and Tom Holland’s relationship garnered much public interest and created quite the sensation on the internet. It is not known how Nadia and Tom got acquainted with each other, but they are both currently in London due to lockdown starting in 2020. But their relationship had been going well since the two decided to isolate themselves together. Furthermore, an insider revealed that things have been good ever since they started isolating.Nadia Parkes Is Tom Holland's Girlfriend

Nadia Parkes is said to be Holland’s girlfriend, but they have both refused to address or confirm the rumors. Tom Holland’s girlfriend is a famous model Nadia Parkes. She took some time for revealing her feelings in public.

She reminisced about her earliest days in the acting business in a recent interview with. Though she found it difficult to pinpoint when exactly the realization of becoming an actor crept up on her, Nadia recalls how confused she was when people asked who’s her boyfriend as Tom Holland is not her boyfriend and still has no recollection of ever making She remembers asking herself questions like, “When I grow up will I be able to do that?” when she first experienced a play. Later on she joined the theatre club at school and performed in productions there too. And now as an adult, Nadia Parkes lives her dreams every day!

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