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4du, 7, hb9, w24, x4h, a74, 2, hd, ww, ezz, 6li, 2eb, qs, y, c3, f62, t2b, Musician Kid Rock To Join Donald Trump Jr. And His Girlfriend For Trump's Second Election Rally At Michigan - The Tech Education
Kid Rock
Source: Daily Mail
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Musician Kid Rock To Join Donald Trump Jr. And His Girlfriend For Trump’s Second Election Rally At Michigan

Kid Rock will apparently join in the Trump rally to be held at Macomb Country on September 14.

Kid Rock To Be A Part Of Trump’s Campaign Rally

Make America Great Again Campaign rally is being organised at five places of America. And Macomb Country uin Michigan is one of them. So the native musician of Macob Country Kid Rock is all set to be a part of this Pro Trump rally.

Kid Rock
Source: AP

Rock will be accompanying the President’s son Donald Trump Jr. who will be hosting the event. Also accompanied by his Kimberly Guifolye as she is an integral part of the White House. As she has been working as on of the Senior Advisers of the White House.

Moreover the event will take place at around 7 p.m at Bumpers Landing Boat Clup in Harrison Charter Township. And Kid Rock is going to be the centre of attention in this rally for sure.

Also Rock has always been an avid supporter of Trump. And has been a part of several Pro-Trump rallies and events in the past.

In Recent News

Well Kid Rock has always been making headlines for the bizarre things he does. And this week he grabbed all the attention as he ‘married’ Loretta Lynn.

Kid Rock
Source: Daily Mail

Lynn is an 88 year old singer and songwriter. And they recently ‘tied the knot’! Actually it was during the marriage renewal of Lynn’s son where Kid Rock and Loretta played a funny prank.

So Kid and Loretta just teased everyone by acting to get married on the same say. As Loretta posted a pic with him saying ‘sorry girls he is taken.’ And this post actually created havoc on social media.

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But was later clarified that both Kid and Loretta were just having some fun by pretending to get married. As they are really close to each other and behave like kids at times!

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