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i, zm, u, 897, 5z7, z5k, o, 2b, 5, f, k, p0, o, m, Georgia Jail: Suspect For Racially Attack, Vanquish The Inmate To Death, See What's In That Picture ! - The Tech Education
georgia jail inmate killed brutaaly
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Georgia Jail: Suspect For Racially Attack, Vanquish The Inmate To Death, See What’s In That Picture !

A Muscogee Country Jail inmate has found beaten to his life. By early in the morning, in his cell according to his assistant. Eddie Nelson ’39 is pronounced to death, around to 2:30 am according to assistant. “It was an apparent beating by another inmate,” Newton says, ” He has a blunt force trauma around the head and the neck.”

Another Inmate is found Jayvon Hatchett,19, is suspected in the beating death. Tompkins said when contacted by phone. She said the investigation is under by Sheriff’s Office and no extra details are going to release by this time. Nelson is being held on probation by this time, as per the jail records of Muscogee.

Hatchett is in jail without the bond after being accused in the August 25, racially provoked Autozone stabbing on 32 street. Columbus Police sgt.R S Mills told a recorder Judge that when asked Hatchett why he killed that AutoZone Employee.

georgia jail inmate killed brutaaly

Hatchett says he ” Felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching the footage over and over again after Police killing brutality across the country.

This 19 years old guy is charged with exasperate assault and ownership weapon during the crime in the Autozone killing.

District Attorney-elect says that, if convicted, Hatchett could be one of the first offenders sentenced under the new Georgia Hate Crime Bill. The investigation by the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office is on the process.

According to jail records, Nelson has been in the jail since Aug. 26 on charges of breach of probation and failure to register as a sex offender.

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