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Is Distasteful : Anushka Sharma Reacts To Sunil Gavaskar IPL Commentary! - The Tech Education
Anushka Sharma , Sunil Gavaskar
Source : jantasatta.com
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MR GAVASKAR, Your Message Is Distasteful : Anushka Sharma Reacts To Sunil Gavaskar IPL Commentary!

Anushka Sharma made an unexpecting step to Sunil Gavaskar with his IPL commentary by the former Indian Captain.

Distasteful : Anushka Sharma’s Reaction

Bollywood Actor And superstar made an unexpecting reply to Sunil Gavaskar commenting to make some of the remarks to the former Indian Captain Sunil Gavaskar during a commentary after her Husband, RCB skipper Virat Kohli had a poor performance against Kings XI Punjab!

In the IPL2020, Virat skips two catches of rival skipper KL Rahul, who went to score complete his century. And just after he got out in just one run off five balls. But, many videos of Sunil Gavaskar remark during the KXIP vs RCB matches have been doing the rounds on social media.

Anushka Sharma , Sunil Gavaskar
source : tribuneindia.com

“Ab jo lockdown tha toh unhone sirf Anushka ki bowling ki practice ki hai wo video dekhi hai. Usse toh kuch Bhi Nahi Banna (During the recent lockdown he only practised to Anushka’s bowling. I saw a video. But it is not going to be enough),” Gavaskar says on-air.

After that Anushka posted a Story about commenting on Sunil Gavaskar Commentary, in May, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were seen to be playing cricket on their terrace with the clip going viral on twitter.

Anushka Sharma is in the news within the past few days. Because both Virat and Anushka recently reveals that they are expecting their first child together. Well, before Anushka is drag into the poor performances of Virat Kohli and being drag into the Cricket affairs. Well, Sunil Gavaskar has made their clarification for that comment too!


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