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Model Jett Kenny Pays An Emotional Tribute To His Sister Jaimi Saying He Will Love Her Forever – A Tragedy He Is In!

Jett Kenny expresses his heartbreaking feelings towards the death of his sister Jaimie curry Kenny. Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny’s daughter Jamie, 33, died a shocking death on Monday. Jamie’s brother was seen giving tribute to his sister on social media.

Posting an old photo of himself and his sister he wrote a caption that broke the heart of so many around them. The caption hinted at their beautiful bond just like so many other siblings around the world. Every siblings’ relationship is sweet and sour but yet the most precious bond in the entire world.

Jett Kenny’s Heartbreaking Tribute!

His caption read that sometimes he was not the best brother she wanted. And sometimes she thought she was not the big sister he needed. But they both know that they loved each other unconditionally all the time. Furthermore, he said that he will love her forever just like every brother does to his sister. However, he said that the world lost a beautiful soul but heaven gained one. The lives of the one’s she touched would forever miss her. So heartbreaking this is!

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Fans started to extend their concerns to the family and to the suffering model. To lose one of our loved ones is the biggest pain a human being goes through. So many of the celebrities also put forward their condolences including Grant Denyer, Erin Holland, Lincoln Lewis, and Alicia Banit.

The siblings’ parents confirmed the news of their daughter’s death and said how painful tragedy it was. She was suffering from a long time illness which hasn’t been specified by either of the family members. They further asked the fans and the media to let them grieve in private.

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They also thanked the Sunshine coast University hospital for all their hard work they put in to save their daughter. How tireless their service was and how they allowed the family to spend time with their beloved sibling and daughter. Jaimie did battle a long time eating disorder but in the end, she lost the fight. We provide our concern and warmest of wishes to the family especially her sibling.

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