Mixer: Microsoft Shuts Down Twitch Rival, Partners With Facebook Gaming

Mixer, which was meant to be Microsoft’s competitor to Twitch, is going to be shut down in a month’s time. This includes any and all ways to access the streaming service, such as the Mixer app. Instead, Microsoft is now partnering up with Facebook Gaming to further their game streaming ambitions.

Mixer Shutdown Comes As A Shock To Streamers

This has come as a bit of a shock to streamers on the Mixer platform. Essentially, they found out about this when the rest of us did, via a tweet from Mixer. However, Microsoft has announced some measures that may help Mixer streamers to transition over to Facebook Gaming smoothly.

Mixer Partners May Get Similar Terms On Facebook Gaming

For one, streamers who were partners on Mixer may get an extremely similar deal on Facebook Gaming. We get this information from an FAQ that Mixer posted regarding this massive development. “Facebook Gaming is ready to grant you partner status and to match your existing Mixer partner agreement as closely as possible,” it reads.

This same FAQ also details what happens to streamers who took advantage of the Mixer Xbox integration to stream their content. “We’ll turn off the ability to stream to Mixer from your Xbox One. You can continue to stream your gameplay from Xbox One using the Twitch app or by connecting to a PC and streaming via software such as OBS or XSplit,” says the post.


Mixer Seemed To Be Going Toe-To-Toe With Twitch A Few Months Ago

The Mixer vs Twitch fight really took off a few months ago after Microsoft started signing massive streamers to Mixer exclusivity deals. This included personalities like Ninja, the largest creator on Twitch at the time.

However, plans seem to have changed significantly since then. Mixer will officially shut down all services from July 22, 2020.

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