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q8t, u7, qi, u, 0, fsa, 8, 4, cir, Millie Mackintosh Babble Out That Her Baby Daughter Sienna, Get Removes Out Her Harness! - The Tech Education
cuddle never feels so good millie mackintosh reveals baby
Source : metro.co.uk
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Millie Mackintosh Babble Out That Her Baby Daughter Sienna, Get Removes Out Her Harness!

Millie Mackintosh and her Husband Hugo Taylor back in May that they have welcomed a Baby girl in their Family and also they have confirmed that their Girl is diagnosed with Harness this week. In a story  on Instagram she asked their fellow parents how to make new born comfortable with this.

And also during the Live session on Instagram, the 31 year old revealed that her baby is adapting”so well” follow the ordeal. In a chat with the dermatologist with Dr. Niki Ralph while the conversation for Water Wipes, Millie explains that it is one of the “hardest things” the newly parents have to deal with that.

cuddle never feels so good millie mackintosh reveals baby
Source : metro.co.uk

Discussing her Daughter conditions, Millie says that.  “It is one of the definitely been the hardest thing to overcome as newly parents so far. It is a shock and I have cried for that definitely two days straight.”

Hip dysplasia happens when the hip socket does not cover the ball of the Upper thighbone, means that  the joint can become dislocated. Most of them who suffers with this are born with that, it is very common in the newly born .

Millie opened up this issue this week explains that they have experienced some of the few “emotional days”.  She is also posted about this issue in the Instagram and Captioned that with a paragraph on advice.

This condition of her child makes her Mum cuddle with her child very difficult! Well now it is very good that she got Cured and both Mother and her enjoy there Cuddling time.

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cuddle never feels so good millie mackintosh reveals baby
Source: dailymail.co.uk

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