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Millie Bobby Brown Says She Has A “Adult Relationship” With Henry Cavill

Millie Bobby Brown says she and Henry Cavill have an 'adult relationship'

Millie Bobby Brown says she and Henry Cavill have an 'adult relationship'

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are friends, and their relationship is healthy.

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill became friends while playing brother-and-sister detectives Enola and Sherlock Holmes in Netflix’s Enola Holmes franchise. And the 18-year-old actress recently talked about how her relationship with the 39-year-old actor is different from her friendships with her Stranger Things co-stars.

“It’s different because I grew up with Noah and Charlie. When I was 10, I met them. So it does feel to me like your classmates, “she told the newspaper. “And with Henry, it feels like a real adult relationship.”

She also said that being friends with them does have some rules. “We’re like really good friends and our relationship is really healthy. One is that we have rules and rules, “she told me. “I have met Henry. He has rules about how he treats me.

I can’t ask him about his life outside of work. It’s like, ‘Millie, shut up. No.’ And I’m like ‘Understood.’ But it’s different with the kids from Stranger Things. There are no limits because it’s like we’re all brothers and sisters. Henry, on the other hand, is very strict with me, which I like.”

They also went on Good Morning America together and talked about how they work together on set. When asked what it was like to play a sister, Cavill said, “I come from a family of five boys.” “So we’re used to always having noise and making fun of each other. And that’s about all there is to Millie. So there isn’t much of a difference.”

Brown laughed and then said, “I’m like a brother, though. I don’t really have any sisters. I would be closer to a brother.”

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