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Miley Posted Mirror Nudes To Show Off Her Gold Glittering Eyeshadow

On Wednesday night, Miley Cyrus posted a series of nude mirror selfies on Instagram.

The Nude Selfie

Miley Cyrus
Source: Google

The 27-year-old singer posed completely nude without any traces of cloth. But she used her hands and angled well to hide any private or controversial parts from showing.

She leaned towards the mirror with her tattoos and glittering eyeshadows on display. Her makeup is done to perfection while her hairstyle was more casual.

She had full red lips and shiny glimmering gold eyeshadow on both eyes. The picture had many stand out features that one can’t really know where to focus.

Her hair was messy and spiky with a part of her back hair held up with a band, and her background had a blue painting on the wall.

Her red pout and gold eyes added beauty to her raw self, and her caption read, ‘bisous’ which means kiss in french.

Sexist Experience

Miley Cyrus
Source: Google

Miley spoke about a sexist experience she had on MTV music awards; she said she only asked genuine questions and wanted to remove the beauty light they specifically used for female performers.

She was not taken seriously which made Miley say,

‘The beauty light is always used on women, and I said turn the f******g lights off. You would never tell Travis Scott or Adam Levine that he couldn’t turn the beauty light off.’

And this picture seems to be proving a point that Miley and only Miley alone can control how she can look like. She decides what to do with her life and career, not others.

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