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Mike Colter Finally Opens Up About The Premature End Of Luke Cage

Mike Colter Finally Opens Up About The Premature End Of Luke Cage

Marvel’s Luke Cage actor Mike Colter has eventually revealed his calm, highlighting the Marvel series cancellation across the weekend as he further declared he and his partner Iva had hugged a second newborn girl this week. 

Mike Colter’s shot record ex-con was a breaking hit from the second he initially arrived in “Jessica Jones,” and his single series brings an action to Harlem, where the poor person keeps attempting and failing to put his head down. 

Eventually, Cage chooses to use his skills for virtue and becomes valued support of his area, which, of course, draws a mark on his back. 

Across the two seasons of “Luke Cage,” spectators notice Cage cover his past, brush up Harlem, and eventually get over the traditional Harlem’s Paradise café in an apparent attempt to become the area’s “reeve” and, perhaps, its newest evil prince. 

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Unhappily, enthusiasts never discovered how the tale would have proceeded, as Netflix dropped “Marvel’s Luke Cage” in October 2018, soon after “Iron Fist” received the ax. 

Of course, the sudden ending to all these series suggested that all the cliffhangers left dangling, and all the continuing plotlines and teasers left unsolved. But what does the actor of “Luke Cage” himself think regarding his series immediate cancellation?

Mike Colter Thinks Luke Cage’s Storyline Doesn’t Get Conclusion

In a conference with Collider, Mike Colter explained the blunt end of “Luke Cage,” and he’s as frustrated regarding it as the next person. 

Maybe also more, because he was watching ahead to catching a complete collection of stuff that, for apparent causes, enthusiasts are now uncertain ever to see.  

“There were so many areas we could have practiced it,” Colter said regarding the “Luke Cage” storylines that could’ve happened. 

“There is the ‘Alias’ show where Jessica and Luke had a kid and had this grown-up life they were examining to live, and there is this moment where they are acting out they’re blue-collar, creating ends face life together, which is very exciting. 

Luke had the trip in his show with Harlem’s Pase, where he takes over the bar and continues to be a lousy or a person going to is on the opposite side of the law, and moving to prevent him. 

That was going to interesting thing to see, with him perhaps being a small gunman, and that would’ve been refreshing too.” 

As none of this occurred, Colter thinks that Cage’s story didn’t receive an opportunity to end ideally, though he knows and admits the truths of the circumstances. 

“So, I don’t believe there’s any conclusion to it, nor do I believe like we were capable of seeing any of that conclusion by having the image in ‘Jessica Jones’, but it is what it is. It’s one of those matters where we will never understand.”


It is all about Mike Colter’s thoughts about Luke Cage. He believes that after canceling the series, it doesn’t get a closure. Stay tuned with us for such exciting and latest news!

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