"Hackers From Russia Quarry On US Elections"
Source: Countercurrents.org
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Microsoft Says,”Hackers From Russia Quarry On US Elections”

Russians have targeted around 200 organisations that are tied to the America. U.S elections in the recent weeks, including national and political parties. And consultant working for the democrats and as per the Microsoft Corp.

China is also engaged in Cyber crimes against many ” high-profile individuals” linked to Democratic nominee Joe Biden campaign. While Iranian actors has didn’t stop quarrying personal accounts of people associated with President Trump’s campaign.

“What we have seen is consistent with previous attack patterns that not only target candidates staffers but to all those who consult on the main key issues.

"Hackers From Russia Quarry On US Elections"
Source: Countercurrents.org

Most of them attempts by Russian,Chinese and Iranian agents were halted by Microsoft security software and the targets that were notified. The company would not comment on who may have been successfully hacked on the impact.

Microsoft didn’t poses Foreign advisory the greater threat to the integrity and the elections from November. Trump officials have disputed that , though without offering evidence any.

Intelligence has Founded that Russian Government is trying to undermine the Democratic Candidate and Boost Trump’s Chances of Winning in this Election. And and also hacked the Democratic National Committee and publicly released  their stolen file.

We think that Russian still poses threat to the Democratic process. And with the subject of the Interference has been an ongoing Frustration on Trump. Whom has disputed the meddling of the country.

A Person from Trump’s campaign says that Cyber security threats “very seriously” and didn’t make any comments and specific efforts it is in making.

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