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Microsoft Develops COVID Contact App For Japan

Japan has reportedly released a new Covid Contact App, which helps in tracing Covid-positive cases near you. It uses Bluetooth to trace people, much like other Covid-19 COntact applications.

The Application By Microsoft

Microsoft developed the Covid-19 Contact Act, long for ‘COCOA’ after working on it since May. Japan entered into a contract with the tech giant after it abandoned work with a Tokyo based company, due to Google and Apple’s conditions. This explains why the country is releasing a contact tracing app so late. According to the government they wanted to release one, months ago, but glitches faced posed as a hindrance.

According to sources, the app may debut sometime this week. As soon as Google and Apple approve the application, it is good to go. It is based on these two companies’ contract tracing API. Considered to be 99% effective, it helps in detecting proximity. This API is quick to replace home-grown APIs using more exposure to detect. It does not store any sensitive information, nor does it project any.


Japan’s Fight With The Virus

Japan has a relatively small number of cases and hence this delay will not decide the fate of pandemic in the country. With numbers going up till 17, 000, the app will advise and not force those who have come in contact to stay at home. The government has recently notifications advising people to travel less in public places, especially around Tokyo. The country seems to beat the virus without any countrywide lockdown.

Everything including sports, public places will open soon, with reasonable restrictions.

Tech Giants Seeking Opportunities In Asia

Not surprisingly enough, a number of tech giants are seeking opportunities in Asia. These opportunities relate to developing applications to trace contacts, new Softwares for medical centres, et al.Some apps use GPS, while some use Bluetooth.  Small and big enterprises have shifted their focus and trying their best to take advantage of the pandemic. Local tech enterprises also contribute significantly.

Recently, the Alibaba group developed an application to detect your risk of contacting through different QR code colours. Red means you’re almost infected, yellow means you should quarantine as soon as possible and green means you are safe. Although these apps help immensely, they also raise new questions about data privacy.

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