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Michael Keaton – Return As Batman

The legendary and kids’ favorite superhero Batman character is all set to present a thrill once again. There is a lot of gossip about the possible reentry of Michael Keaton as Batman in the upcoming Batman series.
The surprise package that will add a cherry on top is the entry of Michelle Pfeiffer once again.

She will play her iconic Catwoman character. The duo is reported to work in the upcoming The Flash series. Since both, the actors have turned old. But, they’re the real Batman and Catwoman for most of the Batman fans.

The reports gained almost a confirmation this week that the actors will be a part of the upcoming. The 68-year old actor provided oxygen to the flames by hinting out his come back as Batman.
The Flash will be created on the famous iconic comic ‘Flashpoint’. The plot will see a storyline based on an alternate universe. Flash travels to an alternative universe of the future and rest is the story we are excited to watch in this upcoming release.

Reports claim Michael Kaeton is in the final stage of talks with Warner Bros.
The plans to release the movie are set for 2022.
The 62-year old actress also hinted last year about her interest in re-living her iconic character the Catwoman. She posted a video where she was seen in her Catwoman attire.

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Batman Arkham Series

And now, when there’s is a buzz about the recreation of Batman with Michael Kaeton, it won’t be a matter of surprise if Michelle Pfeiffer will be seen in the iconic Catwoman character.

Now, let’s wait for the official confirmation of the news. Till then, let’s hope that we will get to see this amazing duo again as our favorite superheroes.

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