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Jackson: Gave Lisa Marie A Horrifying Ultimatum About Kids, How Is It Related To Debbie Rowe? - The Tech Education
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Michael Jackson: Gave Lisa Marie A Horrifying Ultimatum About Kids, How Is It Related To Debbie Rowe?

Michael Jackson, the famous singer, is accused of giving his wife a horrifying ultimatum. A few days later Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson were separated, Michael Told Lisa, “If you don’t do this, Debbie says she will”.

Lisa Marie’s silence broke years later. She did not blame Michael Jackson at all. Instead, according to her, Michael was never a wrong person. However, the man did not know better either.

Lisa Marie took him too personally. Being with Michael made her feel like she could be replaced easily.

Michael Jackson has been in LimeLight Since his youth days. He has gotten everything he ever aspired of. His relationship with Lisa Marie was based on desperateness.

He wished to be with someone who can see him beyond his reel life. Therefore this was the sole reason why Michael could never accept her refusal.

Michael Showed Dominance?

Michael even took many significant decisions about Lisa Marie’s life. The decision to bear kids, if not from Lisa Marie then from someone else.

The couple caught the headlines of the news in the year 1994. Their proposal and marriage shocked and stunned the whole world.

But five years later, they showed this interest towards each other. Later, Elvis Presley’s daughter was in a relationship with Michael. Michael even expected children from Riley Keough as well.

It was unacceptable to Lisa Marie. When she expressed her discontentment, Michael Jackson told her that, if she would not, then another woman would do it.

Michael Jackson met Debbie Rowe when she was treating Michael for the skin pigmentation condition vitiligo.

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When Lisa took time for deciding on having children, she knew that Debbie was there to fill the gap.

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