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5s, rqj, h5l, j7, e3k, hni, n4, o2, cw, MI vs CSK: Let's Predict What Happens In The Dessert Storm Today? - The Tech Education
Rohit Sharma
Source: TOI
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MI vs CSK: Let’s Predict What Happens In The Dessert Storm Today?

After a long wait, IPL 2020 is set to hit the grounds with Mumbai Indians versus Chennai Super Kings as the first match on Saturday, 19th September in Abu Dabi. Even though the tournament is happening outside the country, it has not hampered the excitement amongst the players to watch the matche from home.

What Is Missing This Year?

Undoubtedly, the crazy fan noises during the matches will be immensely missed. However, Ricky Ponting believes; lesser the noise, lesser pressure on the players.

Moreover, many significant players too are missing from the grounds this year.

Although Suresh Raina will be a part of this year’s IPL, he has sent his best wishes for the team. But, the question of who will replace him at no. 3 in the batting order still┬áremains unsolved.

The Sri Lankan pace legend Lasith Malinga has opted out of IPL this year. Mumbai Indians captain, Rohit Sharma during a virtual press conference, said; Malinga will be severely missed. It is tough to come and fill in his boots; he was the one who bailed the team out when it was in trouble, Rohit added.


For CSK, to win the opener, they will have to focus on getting Rohit out of the field fast.

As of now, CSK won the toss and has elected to bowl first. The storm has now hit the desert and let’s see what happens!

What About The Press Conferences?

There will be no prematch conferences this year for the first time. However, a mandatory virtual media conference will take place after every match.

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