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Maya Moore And Jonathan Iron Married? Learn Why Would She Marry The Person Who Was A Prisoner

Basketball star Maya Moore has recently married to Jonathan Irons. However, Maya tried her best to bring back Jonathan from prison. Jonathan was in jail for almost two years, and after many trials, the court released him on this July. However, the court executive declared that Jonathan had nothing to do with False charges.

The reports say that allegation against Jonathan was wrong. In an interview with Good Morning America, Maya revealed that she had recently married to Jonathan a few months ago. Moore is just 31 years old, and her husband is 40, but still, after all of this, they fell in love with each other.

Maya Revealed About Her Marriage In The Interview

Moore said on the same interview that, she wanted to declare that they are doing something special, but they wanted to do as a married couple. The couple had a good history of family relation. Maya met Jonathan through her family when she was just 18. The couple met at UConn, and they both developed some interest regarding the case and finally became friends.

Maya said in an interview that the god is designing their heart, and finally, they are together now and starting a new chapter of their lives.

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Jonathan Iron’s Previous Criminal Cases

Jonathan hard rough history when it comes to his teenage period. Missouri state tried to keep Maya’s career on hold so that she could help Jonathan to get him out from the case. Back then, the court charged Jonathan against 1997 home invasion and for shooing. The court sentenced him for 50 years in prison.

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Jonathan beautifully proposed Maya when he was in prison. Keeping her career aside, he didn’t want to pressurize her for becoming her wife and mother of his children too. Instead, he fully supported her in full filling her career, and later he asked for the same thing when he was released from the prison.

Maya Moore Posted A Picture On Instagram

On Wednesday, Maya posted a picture where she and Jonathan were holding the hand of each other and posing after their marriage. She also wrote a caption, said that It’s Grateful to announce all the people that they have started a new chapter in their life.

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